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Your Marketing Can Be Fun, Make It Memorable

marketing-funHere’s the scenario: You are launching a new product or service and you need to build a marketing campaign around it. Or the “busy season” is coming up in your industry and you want to make a big splash with a new marketing campaign. Or maybe you just need to breathe a little fresh air into an existing marketing campaign. All pretty common marketing challenges, nothing unusual there.

So you sit down and start brainstorming ways you can slam dunk these challenges. Like most of us marketing types, you want it to be fun, exciting, catchy, and make as big a splash as your budget will allow. You are passionate about your product, so it’s natural you want everyone else on the planet to to love it as well. You want them to get to the point where they wonder how they ever lived their lives without it—and preferably within say, the next month, right?

Now, if only you could come up with a marketing campaign that is really COOL!

Market your product.

Go for it! Get creative, but don’t forget what you are selling. One of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen in marketing is campaigns that were really fun, really creative, and really cool, but they forgot to sell the product. Oops! People remember the gimmick, but have no clue what it is you are asking them to BUY. And that’s really the point, isn’t it?

What were they selling again?

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest events of the year for television advertising. Lots of people only watch the game for the ads. (I know, weird, huh?) Lots of companies spend most or all of their marketing budgets on the ads they run before, during, and after the big game. The next day even those of us who watched the game (and the commercials) stand around the proverbial water cooler and talk about the best ads. You probably have at one point heard a conversation something like this:

Did you see that really cool ad that had the dancing rubber duckies and the upside down elephants?

Yeah, even my dog liked that one, what was it for?

They were selling those, um, um, um…


Focus on the Cool Sell Factor.

At its core, marketing is about telling consumers or businesses (whatever your target market) why your product or service is great and why they should buy it. It’s what I call the “sell factor”. Don’t forget brand recognition either. Brand recognition is what your target customers need to remember most when they are ready to buy.

By no means does focusing on the sell factor mean you should be boring. Go ahead and use those great ideas you came up with while brainstorming to build a marketing campaign that is fun, cool, and quirky. You absolutely need that cool factor to make it memorable and get mentioned in those water cooler chats. My point is don’t ignore the cool factor, it is possible to create a marketing campaign with a very high cool factor. Just don’t forget about the sell factor.


Got a great idea for a marketing campaign with lots of cool factor, but need a little help with the sell factor? Give EVH Marketing a call today.