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Like all of our clients, Storm Damage Specialists ( are masters of their field and their company’s operations. But managing their marketing and online presence is often outside their core expertise. SDS is a commercial and residential roofer in Arizona. They have an excellent reputation for quality and value but struggled to tell their story and attract qualified prospects to their website. EVH Marketing first worked with owner Josh Mattern to redesign their website from scratch. Then we partnered with Search Engine Optimization and Marketing experts, Invite Them Home ( to help them increase online traffic to their website and ultimately increase their business.

Start with the Right Strategy

It’s important to know each client’s business and goals when we begin working with them. If we don’t start there it can result and a waste of both time and money. That’s why we look at each project strategically. The first step in small business marketing is to get to know the client and their service or trade. Next, we conduct interviews with leaders in the company to gather information about what they do, how they do it, why they do it, and where they want to go in the future. It is essential to take the time to listen to each client’s story and get a true understanding of their customer base. We need to know what their prospective customers are looking for and how our client meets those specific needs.

For Storm Damage Specialists we conducted a thorough interview with Josh to talk about the ins and outs of roofing in Arizona. He detailed their services, such as residential roof repair and replacement and commercial flat roofing and what makes SDS special in the field of roofing. He explained many home and business owners experience roof leaks, weather damage, or other issues that they need addressed but may not know where to turn. In marketing, it is vital to note skills unique to our clients—in short, what are their points of differentiation? In this case, we noted that SDS is available 24/7 for their customers in the event of a roofing emergency. They also have experience working with solar panels, which are common in Arizona. Finally, the SDS team is deep with contraction and contracting, so they have a turn-key solution if, for example, a customer has drywall damage as a result of a roof leak.

Interviews with our clients typically last about an hour, giving us time to understand their needs and priorities fully. We learned that Josh wanted to grow his client base across all of Southern Arizona by making Storm Damage Specialists a recognized and respected name in the industry. We came away from the interview confident that we could get him where he wanted to be. From what we learned in the interview we were able to better determine their target audience and begin our strategic efforts to help grow Storm Damage Specialists.

New Website Design & Development

The existing website was a couple of years old and though it provided a few photos and some contact information, it didn’t do much to attract prospective customers to SDS. It not only needed a refresh, but needed to work harder to describe both the residential roofing and commercial roofing services SDS could provide. Our interview with josh helped guide our web design and development efforts to better align with Josh’s goals for his company. The result was not only a new look and feel, but also better representation of the brand and extensive information about why SDS is the best choice for roofing contractors in Arizona.


Digital Marketing

About 93% of web traffic comes from search engines, with Google making up 78% of desktop and 89% of mobile searches. This means an effective digital marketing strategy is crucial for a company’s success in 2022 and beyond. Our partners at Invite Them Home we also a part of the initial interview with SDS. This not only saves time but also allows us to ensure everyone is on the same page in terms of goals. Invite them Home helps businesses better display their skills online and connect with quality prospective customers. Each of our clients is unique, and we enjoy working with a diverse range of small businesses in numerous industries across the United States. We worked together to help Storm Damage Specialists create successful business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing campaigns that have taken his business to the next level.

On-site SEO Combined with an Ad Campaign

Storm Damage Specialists had build an excellent reputation in their industry. They had a good amount of referral business and a steady flow of new business coming in. But they wanted to see this grow. We quickly determined that we need to help with both organic search marketing as well as setting up a new Google Ad campaign. Better positioning in organic search results is a gradual process that requires good content and keyword density along with a variety of other techniques on the SDS website. A good Google Ads campaign can more quickly and easily get the right people to the correct web pages. This two-pronged approach means that we were able to build leads quicker in the beginning, while also gaining longer-lasting lead traffic for the future.

Storm Damage Specialists wanted to reach the greater Tucson and Phoenix markets. They have experience working with a wide range of roofing projects, from 200 to 250,000 square-foot buildings, individual homes to large strip malls and everything in between. They wanted to make their services known to any potential customer looking for roof repair or replacement, as there is no project too big or too small for them to handle. Since most customers come as a result of search engine queries, the SDS website has to rank highly when a prospect makes a relevant search. Like these experienced roofers, many of our other customers face an exceedingly competitive market. In order to grow their client base, we had to help SDS stand out among the many other roofing companies in Arizona.

We Use Our Knowledge and Expertise to Help Businesses Get More Business

Just like our clients are experts in their respective industries, we are experts in marketing. It’s at this point in the process that we really dig into the details and help our clients gain from our expertise. We take a look at which competitive websites rank highly on Google and other search engines and analyze what makes them successful. Then we apply those same concepts to our customer’s website. We have invested in professional tools to research target audience behavior and competitor strategies. These tools give us the information to make better recommendations and solid decisions for our clients’ marketing efforts. We utilize tools that analyze the competition’s websites by breaking down what keywords and phrases they use to be recognized by search engines. For competitor analysis, we look at the success rate of specific keywords and suggest similar words and phrases that may have a higher click volume. With SDS, we came up with keywords specific to roofing contractors, and we use those in writing content for their websites. More obvious keywords such as “commercial flat roofs”, “storm damage roof repair”, and “roof insurance claim” are used, but also many others. These terms are important so future customers can easily find their site.

We Work WITH Our Clients to Achieve Success

We believe the best marketing is done in collaboration with each of our clients. Together we determine what types of web pages would be most effective for content marketing. Because our customers, like Josh from SDS are so knowledgeable experts in their industry, it can be hard for them to put their ideas in layperson’s terms. For our clients writing copy can be very intimidating. We will have short meetings and additional interviews to gather information from them, then we take that expertise and put it into words accessible to their average potential customer. Along with extensive industry research, we’ll write articles, blog posts, landing pages, and any other type of content that creates a complete, user-friendly experience.

In the case of Storm Damage Specialists, we made sure that their website included pages that fully explained the roofing repair and replacement process from start to finish, and communicated the team’s experience and qualifications that set them apart from the competition. It is crucial to keep the website current by periodically updating and adding new content. Each new piece of content is always sent to the client for approval and feedback before posting.

Much like you and your team, the leaders at SDS are busy managing their business and taking care of customers. They don’t have the time or ability to dedicate themselves to digital marketing and their SEO strategy, yet their company could not thrive without it. At EVH Marketing, take on the role of marketing and other would-be time-consuming tasks such as market research, design, copywriting, and more, so they can focus on keeping the business Digitrunning. All we need from our clients is an understanding of their business and goals, and we take care of the rest. Contact us and let us launch your business to the next level with a dynamic web presence like Storm Damage Specialists.

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