My clients are the BEST!

Okay, so I’m a little biased, but you can judge for yourself. They range across a variety of industries and disciplines. They are all passionate about their businesses and are amazing people to work with.

I hardly ever do just one project with a single client. Yes, many start out as a smaller project (website, brochure, logo, etc.), but most of my clients work with EVH Marketing for all of their marketing needs. Here are a few client profiles where I’ve done multiple projects across multiple media:


Branding, Website, Sell Sheets, Tradeshow Materials

Website, Digital Marketing, Online Ads, Strategy

Direct Mail, Copy Writing, Letters, Flyers, Email Marketing, Social Media

Branding, Website, Direct Mail, Letterhead, Business Cards, Literature, Email Marketing, Social Media, Marketing Plan


Branding, Website, Direct Mail, Business Cards, Price Tags, Email Marketing, Media Buying, Signage, Marketing Plan

Website, Business Cards, Email Marketing, SEM, Marketing Plan, Social Media, Bookmarks

Website, Email Marketing, Social Media, Graphic Design, Marketing Consulting

Branding, Business Cards, Ads, Media Buying, Signage, Tradeshow


Graphic design, Business Cards, Email Marketing, Marketing Plan, Social Media, Print

Website, Direct Mail, Database

Website, Email Marketing, eCommerce, PR, Media, SEO/SEM, Budgeting

Branding, Website, Business Cards, Social Media, Letterhead