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Virtual Marketing

Not all businesses can hire marketing staff. virtual-marketing

There are lots of reasons why your business may not have marketing staff: you may not have 40 hours of marketing work to be done each week, you may not be able to afford salary and benefits for additional employees, or maybe your just don’t want those goofy marketing people dancing around the office everyday.

Ahem, let me just bust that myth right here: marketing people don’t go dancing around the office…well, at least not every day!

Your marketing department, down the street or across the country.

The reality is, your business simply may not need full-time marketing staff, but you do need marketing. That’s where I come in. I can help you with your marketing needs, whatever they may be, virtually! For the most part, marketing can be done from anywhere. I can work from my office, from yours, down the street, or across the country. The beauty is I can act as your marketing staff, but you only pay me for my work—no salary, no benefits, no vacation, none of that extra stuff—just marketing.

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