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Event Marketing for Retail Locations

Brrr, baby it’s cold outside.

SnowHere in the Midwest this time of year it’s cold. No big surprise there. Only this year it seems like the whole country is extra cold. So far, we’ve seen snow, wind, ice, slush, freezing rain, temperatures typically in the teens and twenties, business as usual. Since most of us haven’t grown a thick coat of fur, added an extra layer of skin, or become cold-blooded yet we tend to stay indoors and “hibernate” until it warms up.

If you own or operate a small business all this cold weather and “hibernating” customers is probably taking a told on your sales. Unless you are operating a ski hill or skating rink of course! The reality is we need customers to succeed in business and brick and mortar retail stores need people coming through the door. So how do you wake up those hibernating humans and bring them in the door?

Throw a bucket of cold water on them? Nope.

Cause a stir, create a diversion, make some noise, stand on your hands—give them a reason! Have a sale, offer a coupon, make it timely. The best way to get people to come in is give them an incentive. Think about what your customers like and give it to them.

  • Hold and event. If you are getting a new shipment of product in, pick a day to show off the new goods. Advertise the event and create some buzz around the introduction of new items in the store.
  • Host and open house. Let your good customers know they are special by hosting an open house during off hours to let them shop like VIPs. Serve warm treats like hot cocoa or cider.
  • Educate them. Invite a speaker or expert to talk about a topic related to your store or the products you sell. Think of industry experts, artists, authors, product designers, maybe even you, and hold an informal class.
  • Give them something. Reward shoppers who brave the weather with a gift to let them know you appreciate their business.
  • Offer special discounts. Create a special or coupon that is only redeemable if it is used in the store. This is great for stores who also sell product online.

It’s not always fun to go out when the weather isn’t so nice. Customers really respond when you let them know you value their business and love to welcome them in your store.

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