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Marketing Want vs Need

EVH Marketing - Want vs Need

Like it or not, want sells better than need. Most businesses have products or services that people (or other businesses) need. Our target markets generally need our products and services. If not, we’d have a hard time staying in business. But we humans tend to purchase those things that...

EVH Marketing Earns 2016 All Star Award

EVH Marketing Earns 2016 Constant Contact Solution Provider All Star Award Recognized for achievements using online marketing tools to drive success For the second year in a row, EVH Marketing, a marketing consulting agency, has been named a 2016 Solution Provider All Star Award winner by Constant Contact, part...

Sing to Your Audience

EVH Marketing - Sing to your customers

Those who know me, know music is a kind of a passion of mine. And attending concerts (sometimes more then one in a single week) is a regular occurrence. The best concerts are ones where the musicians and singers perform for, and TO, the audience. These performers know how...