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DreamHost Cyber Monday 2018

Cyber Monday 2018 | DreamHost Shared Hosting

Score a discounted Domain Registration for Cyber Monday. Or, get unlimited shared hosting for as low as $4.95/month! Buy Now

Constant Contact Cyber Monday 2018

Cyber Monday 2018 | Constant Conact | EVH Marketing

Special Announcement: Constant Contact is offering 40% OFF* for your first 3 months! EVH Marketing has been a Certified Solution Provider with Constant Contact for almost 10 years and this Cyber Monday Deal is the best I’ve seen. They know how important it is to finish the year strong!...

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from EVH Marketing social2

Wishing You & Yours a Happy Holiday Season. May the holiday spirit be with you today and throughout the New Year.

EVH Client Website Receives dotCOMM Award

GreenLeaf Industries Gold Award

Recently EVH client, GreenLeaf Industries was awarded with a Gold dotCOMM Award in the category of Website, and subcategory of Manufacturing. GreenLeaf Industries is a custom plastic injection molding company located in Lenoir City, TN, who partners with MarketCrest, LLC to manage their website, marketing, and SEO. EVH Marketing...

EVH Marketing Named Constant Contact Certified Solution Provider

Certified Solution Provider | Constant Contact | EVH Marketing

EVH Marketing, has been named a Certified Solution Provider by Constant Contact®, Inc., the trusted marketing advisor to hundreds of thousands of small organizations worldwide. As a Certified Solution Provider, EVH Marketing has demonstrated in-depth knowledge of the Constant Contact email marketing platform and best practices. This ensures program...

EVH Marketing Earns 2016 All Star Award

EVH Marketing Earns 2016 Constant Contact Solution Provider All Star Award Recognized for achievements using online marketing tools to drive success For the second year in a row, EVH Marketing, a marketing consulting agency, has been named a 2016 Solution Provider All Star Award winner by Constant Contact, part...

Happy Holidays from EVH Marketing

Happy-Holidays from EVH Marketing

Wishing you all the joys of the season. May the magic and the wonder of the holiday season stay with you throughout the coming year.

Protect Your Brand

EVH Marketing example of bad branding

Your brand is the most important thing to your business. It’s not only how you present your business, but how customers, prospects, and even competitors see you. So you should protect it like a lioness protecting her cub. Rawr! So what is a brand? To start, your logo is...

It’s Not All About You

EVH Marketing Marketing is about customers

I hate to break it to you. Even if you are the boss, it’s really not all about you. At least not in your marketing anyway. When it comes to making decisions about the types of marketing you are doing, the message you send, and the way you send...

Event Marketing for Retail Locations

Brrr, baby it’s cold outside. Here in the Midwest this time of year it’s cold. No big surprise there. Only this year it seems like the whole country is extra cold. So far, we’ve seen snow, wind, ice, slush, freezing rain, temperatures typically in the teens and twenties, business...

Marketing Want vs Need

EVH Marketing - Want vs Need

Like it or not, want sells better than need. Most businesses have products or services that people (or other businesses) need. Our target markets generally need our products and services. If not, we’d have a hard time staying in business. But we humans tend to purchase those things that...

Marketing Planning to Fit Your Budget

EVH Marketing - marketing plan on a budget

I hear a lot from small business owners who think they can’t afford to hire a marketing expert to help write their marketing plan—and more importantly their marketing budget. Those same small business owners admit that they start out the year with a plan to write their marketing plan,...

Don’t Forget the Important Information in Your Marketing

The other day I got this really great post card in the mail from a store I shop at frequently. I won’t show it to you to protect the innocent, but here’s the gist: The post card was beautiful, a gorgeous design. The store was having a special sale...

Sometimes Less is More in Marketing Content

EVH Marketing - Less is More

Okay, I admit it, for some time I have been telling my clients when it comes to content on their websites, blogs, and elsewhere to err on the side of more, more, MORE! And I am right. Especially since the latest change to Google’s search algorithms, as long as...

Ghostwriting, it’s Not Spooky at All

EVH Marketing - Ghost Writing

BOO! It’s Halloween, time to talk about monsters, goblins, witches and ghosts. Well, this is a marketing blog, so maybe I’ll just stick to the subject and talk about ghostwriters. In case you don’t know, or aren’t exactly sure, what a ghostwriter is: it’s a person who writes a...